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How it works
  • Customers Invest In Arf’s Real Estate-focused Investment Pool

    ARF invests funds into a portfolio of real estate investments in stable regions with strong potential for returns. Some of these regions include South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Europe and North America. ARF follows a “value investing” strategy of acquiring assets for less than what we believe is their current intrinsic value.

  • Portfolio

    ARF’s portfolio generates returns in the form of rental income, price appreciation, and foreign exchange gain Returns are distributed to customers on an annual basis.

  • Medium Term

    In the medium term, ARF intends to become a digital financial services platform across Africa and provide a platform for investing, savings, payments, transfers, and other financial services.

  • Fees

    ARF charges a management fee of 3%. This fee is used to fund activities relating to research, screening and identification of real estate assets which meet ARF’s investment criteria. This fee is also deployed towards the management of investors’ real estate portfolio. ARF will however waived all applicable management fees until 2024 i.e., zero fees.